I'm Golf Sinteppadon, a software engineer currently at Figma

Personal Projects

Figma Widget: Interactive Figmaland

GIF from Twitter. Visit a petting zoo, play hide and seek, race go karts, and more! Powered by Widgets, Interactive Figmaland is a multiplayer interactive world built and drawn during Figma's Maker Week.

interactive 2d pixel art world

Figma Plugin: 100 Race

GIF from Twitter. Race to the finish vs. up to 100 people on your own custom race courses w/ my Figma Maker Week Plugin, 100 Race! This is a simple plugin that takes in user input and does some platforming calculations to move a node around. The viewport then follows that node. The magic lies in Figma's multiplayer, which lets up to 100 users run this plugin simultaneously to edit nodes on the same page.

100 race

Figma Plugin: Zelda Maker

A Figma Plugin to play and make Zelda worlds. Create worlds right in Figma, then run this Plugin to play them! Figma is a collaborative interface design tool, and I think level design for games is another type of design that benefits greatly from collaboration.

zelda maker

Figma Plugin: Asteroids

Play the arcade game Asteroids in Figma with friends! Supports multiplayer. This Figma Maker Week project was inspired by a quote from a coworker “Figma is a multiplayer game engine that happens to be used for UX design”.

figma asteroids


A web tool to create and share chess animated GIFs, co-authored by Karl Jiang. There are already excellent chess tools on the web for developing your chess game including position evaluators, opening explorers, endgame puzzles. What felt missing was a simple way to share an exciting moment in a chess game with a friend.

user-inputted chess pgn and its generated animated gif

Mad Castles

After spending many hours playing the 2-4 player board game, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, co-author Karl Jiang and I felt the need for an automated way to sum up castle points. We created Mad Castles, an app that lets you input your castle and tells you how many points it is worth.

an example castle and its score

Virtuoso Sheet Music

Virtuoso is a concept sheet music device that is designed to replace a musician's sheet music library. Made for a UW Human Centered Design & Engineering class, our team gathered feedback from student musicians in an attempt to rediscover sheet music.

virtuoso sheet music prototype

Winsome Trading Inc

Winsome, a furniture distributor, needed customers to be able to easily view their products online. Using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, I implemented Alyssa Chow's visual design and brought Winsome's furniture listings to the web.

winsome trading homepage

Seattle Band Map

Featured in a Wired.com article, Seattle Band Map is an experimental map of local bands. Powered by GraphViz, the user-submitted bands connect to each other if they have played together or have shared a band member. The result is a sprawling spiderweb of the Seattle music scene.

seattle band map

AI Soccer

Watch the beautiful game

Chuck Norris Facts

A different fact every time

Meet Blocky

Simple 2D character movement

GS Paint

Unleash your inner artist

Match fills to local styles

Figma plugin for bulk color matching

Image to 1px rectangles

Figma plugin for converting images to nodes